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More than just a coworking space, Artiga Center is one of the best office rental spaces in Portugal.


If you are looking for a coworking space in Lisbon or Porto or wish to rent an office in a business center, discover the innovative solutions offered by AP PORTUGAL. The Artiga Center office rental spaces. A business center designed to respond to the new realities of companies which invest in the philosophy of remote-first and hybrid work. 

Unlike traditional coworking spaces which are more geared towards small companies or freelancers, this solution of office rental spaces in Oporto enables all companies which do not have permanent office rental spaces because they no longer need a physical office all the time.


There is a good chance that your workforce is now hybrid and spread out in different geolocation and in this sense companies usually look for office rental or coworking spaces to rent a room for training or meetings and fill their occasional needs.


If your idea is to rent a hotel room for your event, Artiga Center office rental spaces can be a great venue located in one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal.

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*Se nenhuma das soluções for adequada para as suas necessidades, agende já uma reunião, ou entre em contacto via whatsapp.


What people love to do at Artiga Center

  • Training sessions

  • Hybrid meetings with your remote-first workforce

  • Live Streams events

  • Make a Podcast of your meeting

  • Zoom Room and Neat technology at your disposal

  • Team Building

  • Great presentations

  • Enjoy the Port wine district 

  • Video production

  • Simultaneous translation available

  • Internet at the speed of light! 1 Gbps | 190 Mbps

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