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Reduce the ecological footprint and the cost of your event, and capitalize on your investment by amplifying your message.

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The concept of an amplified event is simple, and its application, accompanied by the correct expert advice, will allow an event that has always been confined to one place to finally encompass every corner of the world, thereby increasing its reach.


A traditional event becomes an amplified event through streaming technologies, such as Facebook, Twitter Live and YouTube, but also through features such as video on demand, blog posts, social and professional networks, and podcast production.

Equally important when talking about amplified events is to realize that with the same—or virtually the same—investment, your meeting or conference can easily tear down the four walls by which it was limited and reach a wider and equally specialized audience.

ARTIGA CENTER offers all the necessary conditions to host any type of event, as it is equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment, adaptable to all your event's needs.



We are talking about meetings, training, conferences, presentations, showrooms or celebrations that take place in a room and involve speakers, an audience and organizers. 

Unlike a hotel room, ARTIGA CENTER is fully amplified from the beginning, with all the audiovisual, live streaming and remote interpretation equipment, wasting no time or resources on teams to assemble it.


With a capacity of up to 75 people, you can select the type of room that best suits your event.


ARTIGA CENTER also allows you to add complementary solutions such as simultaneous translation, Portuguese sign language interpretation, or customized website creation.


ARTIGA CENTER has a turnkey solution for you.

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Hosting a hybrid event allows you to combine a traditional event held at ARTIGA CENTER with an online meeting or conference. 

The great virtue of this method is that it combines all the advantages of a traditional event with the ability to reach all the people who cannot be there in person, whether for personal, environmental or economic reasons, or even because there is insufficient physical space to accommodate all the people interested.

Your investment is maximized by amplifying the message through restreaming, transmission via social networks and the institutional website.


In addition to the 75 people present at ARTIGA CENTER, this option allows you to expand your event to up to 10,000 participants.


Virtual events have become increasingly frequent thanks to companies' progress in the digital transition process.


An all-virtual event offers several advantages:

  • Cost reduction. There is no need to rent a room or auditorium, or pay for accommodation for speakers and participants.

  • Ability to reach any point on the planet. Live streaming gives your event unlimited potential, as it can be broadcast through numerous platforms around the world.

  • Reduction of the ecological footprint of your organisation or client. Virtual events avoid the high influx of attendees to your city, which reduces travel, accommodation, etc. 

ARTIGA CENTER provides all the services needed to host a completely virtual event, such as remote interpreting, custom website creation for the event, streaming,  and a digital secretariat.

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