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-   What is ARTIGA CENTER?   -

ARTIGA CENTER is an European amplified events centre offering an adjustable room, with 10 different layouts, designed from scratch for hybrid work environments. It is supported by an interface comprising videoconferencing hardware and software which enables up to 10,000 people to work collaboratively and spread your message in several languages by live streaming through the communication channels of your choice.



-   To which group does ARTIGA CENTER belong?   -

ARTIGA CENTER is part of the AP | PORTUGAL group, whose mission since 1998 has been to support companies in their digital transition by implementing technology and offering services such as multilingual event management, audiovisual equipment rental, translation, transcription, interpretation and subtitling and, more recently, website, software and app localization.

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-   Where is ARTIGA CENTER located?   -

ARTIGA CENTER is located at Rua Fonte Santa 88, 4400-157 Santa Marinha.

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-   What will I find at ARTIGA CENTER?   -

At ARTIGA CENTER you will find a meeting center fully equipped with the best technology to meet your event's needs. It is equipped with a 200cm-wide fixed video wall, 1 ultra-short-throw (UST) projector, Fixed Fiber Internet with speeds of 1.0 Gbps | 200 Mbps, 4 mobile TVs and all the furniture needed for any type of event.

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-   When should I use the services of ARTIGA CENTER?   -

You should consider ARTIGA CENTER whenever you want a professional, modular environment decorated in the image of your organization and capable of hosting the event that best suits your needs.

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-   What services does ARTIGA CENTER provide?   -

ARTIGA CENTER offers a wide range of services: Hosting of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events; audiovisual equipment rental; customizable website creation; remote interpreting; Zoom Rooms; streaming; chroma key studios; digital secretariat; recording studio; catering; For more information about our services please visit this page.

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-   What is the difference between ARTIGA CENTER and a hotel room?   -

At ARTIGA CENTER you will find a fully equipped meeting and conference centre. Renting a hotel room forces you to invest time and resources in hiring the necessary equipment for the event from equipment rental and audiovisual services companies, website creation, simultaneous translation, catering, etc. ARTIGA CENTER places all these services at your disposal. Save time, resources and money. See all the differences here.

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-   Is ARTIGA CENTER a coworking space / business center?   -

ARTIGA CENTER is a center dedicated to corporate and research events hosted by organizations that want to amplify their message by implementing hybrid organizational typologies and videoconference and live streaming technology. It is designed for organizations that need to work in large groups on a regular or ad hoc basis. We are not a business center or a coworking space.

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-   What types of events can be held at ARTIGA CENTER?   -

You can host three types of events at ARTIGA CENTER: in-person; hybrid;  and virtual.

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-   What kinds of in-person events does ARTIGA CENTER host?   -

ARTIGA CENTER is able to host meetings, conferences, presentations, showrooms and celebrations involving speakers, an audience and organizers.

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