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AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is an official partner of Neat, the world leader in videoconferencing for offices and meeting rooms. In practice, what we offer you is the adding of hardware to our official Zoom platform connection and VRI and RSI solutions such as Interprefy and Interactio.

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In practical terms, it's the hardware that can make the use of videoconferencing tools much more effective. 

With this option, wires and cables disappear from the meeting room and the scenario becomes more attractive and modern with the presence of the Neat Bar which, together with an attractive touchpad, simplifies the task of holding and participating in a videoconference.

Simple to implement, it's a solution that requires practically no maintenance or helplines, increasing effectiveness in the execution of the Zoom Rooms option. And without those problems that delay and prolong meetings beyond schedule. 

What is Neat?

sala de conferência
zoom videoconferências

Neat Bar's wide-angle camera captures all participants and the beam-shaped microphones make all voices audible, even if they are at the far end of the table. 

Similar to a conventional soundbar, this Neat solution is, in practice, a high-performance communication tool capable of capturing the entire room on high definition. A piece of hardware capable of changing forever the way you work in an increasingly hybrid reality.

Important features:

  • Speaker sound with clear voice audio

  • Noise cancellation

  • Air quality control in meeting rooms

  • Wireless and cable-free room

  • Enhanced audio capture for meeting rooms

  • LED indicators to show when a room is in use

  • Automatic activation when people enter the room

  • 12 MP camera for framing and zooming

aulas virtuais câmeras logitech
sistema de videoconferências câmeras logitech

In practice, this attractive Neat bar was specifically designed to be used in meetings held on Zoom platform. This does not mean that its effectiveness is affected when using other videoconferencing tools. The brand has announced a recent deal with Microsoft Teams, for example. 

What you get is a futuristic experience that, in addition to the bar - which is simply controlled with the touchpad - includes the ability to add a 65-inch touch collaboration board for advanced whiteboard-type interactions.

In addition to all of the above, this device is easily set up by following the instructions for assembling and integrating it in your Zoom account. Once it's set up, it works. Yes, it activates automatically whenever someone enters the room. So that one can start a meeting with just one touch.

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