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Enjoy every moment of your stay in Porto with these suggestions to fill in your social calendar or do teambuilding activities near ARTIGA CENTER.

cidade do porto


"I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list."


WOW compiles the history, magic and emotions behind Portuguese wine, the glass ritual and the cork industry.

But it goes further than its own name and adds to the formula the history of the city of Porto and what is done best in northern Portugal, revealing the secrets behind some of the region's main industries, such as textiles and fashion.


To add to the magic, there is even a chocolate factory.

WOW Porto: six experiences, nine restaurants, bars and cafés, a wine school, several shops, a space for exhibitions and another for events.



wow o quarteirão cultural do porto
cruzeiro das pontes



Porto is even more charming when seen from the Douro River. Ideal for an inspiring and relaxing tour, the Six Bridges Cruise is a must for those visiting the city of Porto.

The traditional rabelo boats of the Douro river are the only boats that operate the usual bridge cruises. Audio guides, which can tell you about the unique characteristics of the landscape throughout the journey, are available in 16 different languages.


With a hop-on/hop-off service, these boats allow passengers to get on and off either at the Gaia quay or the Ribeira quay (Porto).

It is one of the largest (if not the largest) tourist attractions in the city. A tour of Invicta is not complete without visiting this monument. The project for a bell tower was presented by the architect Nicolau Nasoni in 1753.


Construction began the following year and lasted nine years. The inauguration took place in 1763 once the iron cross was placed at the top and the image of St Paul in the niche over the door. This baroque tower was built on an uneven street.

One of the best views over the city is at the top of this 75-metre-high tower, but to enjoy it you will have to climb 225 steps. It'll be worth it. You'll see.

torre dos clérigos
livraria lello



It is one of the most emblematic bookshops in the country and the world. It is right in the centre of Porto and is part of its historical heritage.

It was opened in 1906 at 144 Rua das Carmelitas. And it remains there to this day, with its characteristic neogothic architecture, carved wood, golden columns and ornamented ceilings, which together create a unique calling card.


But this historic building is not just to be admired. About 300,000 books a year are bought off the high shelves on both floors.

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter saga, you might like to know that this bookshop served as an inspiring setting for author J.K. Rowling, who lived in Porto.

The francesinha deserves every possible homage. This dish, typical of Porto, was created in the 50s and still conquers the hearts and bellies of the residents of Porto every day. In fact, not even the tourists can resist it.


Spread throughout the city, there are options for all tastes. There are even less traditional variations, such as vegetarian or with chicken instead of red meat.

Francesinhas are a monument of this city. Here is a list of the best ones:

caves vinho do porto



Cockburn's Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia are the largest in the region.


It is impossible not to feel like an ant amongst the rows and rows of oak barrels that occupy the large warehouses. It also happens to be the largest collection of oak barrels in Porto.

A 12-min walk or 2-min drive from ARTIGA CENTER, it is a must-see attraction. 

Other cellars to visit in the area:

Marina da Afurada is a compulsory stop for anyone visiting Vila Nova de Gaia.


The fantastic view over the Douro River, the terraces and the restaurants are some of the most noteworthy features of the marina.


It also offers countless activities, from a sailing academy to walks to the beaches of Vila Nova de Gaia.


Discover the activities you can't miss on the Marina da Afurada, recommended by Time Out.



marina da afurada
el corte inglés



If you need some time for shopping during your stay, El Corte Inglés is the ideal place.


Just 6 mins by car from the Artiga Center, this department store features numerous sections, from fashion to gastronomy, with the best domestic and international products and brands.


Here you will find a wide range of fashion items, cosmetics, culture and leisure products, food, and home and decorative pieces…


More information at El Corte Inglés.

The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art was designed by architect Álvaro Siza, and is part of the international contemporary art itineraries.


It typically hosts several concurrent exhibitions by artists from around the globe.


The tour ends with a walk around the 18ha of the Serralves nature park. 


More information at Serralves Foundation.




museu arte contemporânea serralves

The Casa da Música is one of the greatest icons in the city of Porto, so it is always worth a visit.


In addition to concerts ranging across every music style, there is also a modern restaurant at the top and an eclectic café on the ground floor.


A guided tour gives you the opportunity to become familiar with this magnificent work by architect Rem Koolhaas.


More information at Casa da Música.



casa da música

You can find other sociocultural projects in the city at

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