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AP | PORTUGAL is your partner in the implementation, dynamization and amplification of any type of event at any venue.

You have at your disposal a complete solution which includes the coorganization and management of your event, equipment and audiovisual technicians, a personalized website for your event with a streaming and interpretation interface, and Zoom video conferencing systems.

We also provide a set of complementary solutions which ensures the success and amplification of your event from start to finish.

gestora de eventos amplificados nos escritórios do artiga center

digital transition


Invest in the digital transition of your organization and in the training and requalification of your teams. At the same time, amplify your message and capitalize on your investment, while exponentially reducing your costs and your ecological footprint, with AP | PORTUGAL's amplified events.

“It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.”

Steve Jobs


We provide a wide selection of equipment to ensure fluid communication at your event:


  • Sound system

  • Projectors

  • Projection screens

  • Plasma screens

  • Microphones and accessories

We also have a team of audiovisual technicians to assist you during every stage of your event. For more information, visit our Audiovisual website.



secretariado digital


We have a dedicated team at your disposal for all the tasks and complementary solutions associated with the event, such as:

  • Hotline and help desk

  • Technical audits

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Audiovisual technicians

  • Event coorganization and management

  • Specialized event consulting


The Interpreting Hub is a studio that provides interpreters with the equipment and software they need for remote interpreting.  All the equipment surpasses industry standards and we offer pre-event checks and maintenance to ensure the best interpreting service.

The Interpreting Hub is a complete solution covering all essential requirements for remote interpreting at the highest level. 

Virtual Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the perfect solution that brings together qualified interpreters, organizers and attendees who do not speak the same language, any time and anywhere.

We also offer you the possibility of making your event even more inclusive with Portuguese Sign Language interpreting to communicate with the hearing-impaired. 

Learn more about our Virtual Remote Interpreting (VRI) services.



videoconferência zoom



This is the digital videoconferencing, event and remote working platform preferred by consumers. All without complicated equipment.

After instant installation, it is ready to use on your smartphone or PC.

As an authorized Zoom partner, we implement the most efficient and cost-effective video conferencing solutions on the market.

For more information, visit our Zoom Solutions website.

Get ready to simulate reality with the Zoom Rooms solution. Create and join conference rooms for one-off or regular meetings, remote working, training or workshops at the touch of a button. 

Forget the desk and the wires. With this solution you can easily share multiple desktops simultaneously in the room.

Minimize configuration costs and IT support with enterprise-level room management.

If you are looking for a solution for the digital expansion of your organization, visit ARTIGA CENTER and select the option that best suits your room and needs.

zoom rooms

AP | PORTUGAL - Tech Language Solutions is an official partner of Neat, the world leader in videoconferencing for offices and meeting rooms. In practice, what we offer you is the adding of hardware to our official Zoom platform connection and VRI and RSI solutions such as Interprefy and Interactio

With this option, wires and cables disappear from the meeting room and the scenario becomes more attractive and modern with the presence of the Neat Bar which, together with an attractive touchpad, simplifies the task of holding and participating in a videoconference.



With AP | PORTUGAL's state-of-the-art technology, we broadcast your event live on any platform, to the whole world.

To communicate with any international market, simply incorporate remote interpretation into your event.

​Amplify your events by streaming to your website and social media accounts simultaneously, without the need for any extra equipment. 

For more information see our Streaming solution.


The technology that allows you to create virtual studios. Host television programmes, create institutional and promotional videos, and host online and/or hybrid events.

Invest in a versatile, efficient, economical and safe solution with chroma key green screens.


For more information about this technology, see our article.



estúdio chroma key
edição gráfica live


The option for developing and producing live video via the AP | PORTUGAL digital studio allows your event to have a customised look, according to your preference, and far away from the monotonous Zoom backgrounds. 

Events can take place on various platforms, such as Zoom or via an external camera, but magic happens in the virtual sound booth, where all graphics are introduced simultaneously with the original broadcast, thus enabling your participants to follow the post-edition broadcast via livestream on your website or social media.

Through the digital studio, it is possible to amplify your message simultaneously through several digital platforms with high quality.

  • Real-time video production software

  • Graphic management and editing for Live stream

  • Real-time directed editing and management

  • LIVE production and direction via Digital Studio

  • Creation and processing of graphic features (Logos, Overlay, Video Clips, Backgrounds and Captions)

  • Release of graphic features (Logos, Overlay, Video Clips, Backgrounds and Captions)

  • Management of multidisciplinary digital sound booth

  • MC (Master of Ceremonies) Add-ons :

       MC - with TV-like video presence
       MC- in radio-like voice-over
       MC - in AI

The master of ceremonies of a conference or event has the function of moderating and organising its development. They are responsible for presenting the opening speech of the conference, introducing the themes and speakers, moderating the debates, mediating the interaction between the participants and the speakers, presenting the closing speech and other tasks to be agreed upon.

The master of ceremonies can be a professional host, a public figure or even a member of your team. You may choose a voice-over master of ceremonies, where they communicate only in the background, or you may choose a master of ceremonies with an active presence in the conference, communicating side by side with the other speakers.

We provide also the possibility for your event's Master of Ceremonies to have a digital version. This is an AI-based solution which allows for the Master of Ceremonies of your event to be a fictional avatar or the digital version of a person of your choice. Find out more about this solution on


mestre cerimónia
reportagem fotográfica e registo vídeo


Photo coverage and video recording of corporate, institutional and promotional events, as well as conferences, play a leading role in the promotion and publicity of an event.


A picture is still worth a thousand words and there are striking pictures for stances, discourses, values, ideas and concepts.

A 90-second video capable of fulfilling the role of communicating, in a direct and concise way, the essentials of your event and promoting it with the publicity power of social media. 


The promotional video or event announcement video is, much due to its time frame, ideal for sharing on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, perfectly fulfilling a marketing role. Remember: 80 per cent of internet traffic will be generated by videos, which means that a good promotional video will help improve the exposure of your event, brand logo or organisation.


vídeo promociaonal
criação de website personalizados



If you need a website to promote, host or monetize your event, we have the ideal solution for you.


  • Website customizable to your needs

  • Live transmission of your event

  • Simultaneous translation

  • Portuguese Sign Language interpretation

  • Virtual networking rooms

  • Virtual rooms for workshops

  • Issue of certificates of participation

  • Help desk services

  • And much more…

Visit our Custom Website and learn how to turn it into the website for your next event.

Team Building focuses on improving relationships between co-workers, teams and event participants. These dynamic and interactive activities can be carried out face-to-face, in hybrid or digital format. 

The potential of Team Building lies in its enormous capacity to promote well-being, relationships of trust, commitment and responsibility towards projects and results.

estudio de gravação


Take a trip through Iberian cuisine. Our partnership with the Coupage 51 restaurant ensures catering according to the preferences of your event's attendees. 

More information at:


We have a recording studio at your disposal where you can record your weekly podcast, presentations, social media videos, etc.


We work with high-end equipment so that you can differentiate yourself in the market. 



estudio de gravação

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